Comfort and functionality. When on holiday that’s what we are all looking for. We would like to enjoy your free time in a comfortable environment, well equipped for all our requirements.
Whether you are renting a property or interested in either buy or sell one, our agency has consolidated experience in property management, rental and sales.
At immobilservice we try to provide a personal service to our customers, based on professionalism, courtesy and cordiality. Our qualified and professional team is always available to help and try to accommodate your needs.
Immobilservice was founded in 1973 on the East side of Lido di Jesolo by two partners, Buscato Giancarlo and Albrizio Nicola. It now has expanded and has another branch in Cavallino.

Via F. Baracca 41/d
Tel. 041.5370505 – Fax 041.5370791