The Ambient Bike Project is a network of cycle paths naturalistic classified into four different areas of Jesolo: the coast, the river area, the lagoon area and the rural area. Jesolo has the extraordinary characteristic of understanding these four different environments that represent the beauty and the extraordinary nature of the territory.
Overall paths – marked with different colors – in our common measure approximately 150 kilometers, but by following the directions that lead beyond the boundaries of Jesolo, the kilometers are mapped more than three hundred, and go from Mort the campaigns of the interior and Eraclea Caorle, from Musile in Noventa di Piave, passing through places such as Old Piave. Going well you can draw a single path, starting from Punta Sabbioni and crossing the river and lagoon areas Jesolo, brings up almost Treviso.
The appointment for all cyclists is every Sunday morning at 10.30 in the May Square, where there will be an accompanying certificate AMIBIKE-cones.